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For more than two decades, Accretive Technology Group has been pushing the boundaries and redefining the possibilities of technology. An established business with a startup feel, the team at ATG may work in a casual environment, but they’re incredibly serious about the work that they do.

Accretive Technology Group prides itself on being “desktop agnostic,” working with PC, Mac, and Linux to create value for clients on whichever system the client is most comfortable operating. At ATG, the team works hard to develop internet technologies in a creative and lightweight process that allows them to use CSS, Javascript, HTML, Flash, PSP, Perl, and MySQL to fulfill their project goals.

Through their network, the team at the Accretive Technology Group can collect and analyze various data flows. The team at ATG has developed a complex system that allows them to host thousands of websites. They are dedicated to making the best possible site for each individual user. As a computer-centric group, they are able to create the ideal site for every type of operating system.

Learn more about Accretive Technology Group and the latest advancements in tech by visiting the ATG website and blog site!